Weddings, Lingerie, and Life Goals

I spent last weekend in Sydney with my twin sister, mum and dad, to celebrate my cousin’s wedding and keep the celebration going for my mum’s 50th birthday. It was the first trip that the four of us have done together in a very long time. And it was pretty freakin’ rad.

The wedding itself was very pretty and very nice, but I have to say the best part of the weekend was the solid family time. We went out for meals, we shopped, we drank green juice, we attempted to figure out Sydney’s public transport system, and ate a lot of icecream.

Another highlight was getting to visit my auntie’s lingerie shop, which I haven’t done in years, and she spoiled me accordingly. As I am about to (in four days!!) get on a plane and be reunited with my love, I thought a shit-ton of new lingerie would definitely be appropriate. My auntie is a legend and I walked out of her shop with so many pretty things that I am so excited to show my man, although they’re probably not going to actually stay on very long….oh well. They make me feel good!!

The interesting thing about weddings is they kind of force you to think big-picture about your life, your relationships, your goals and your game plan. For example, we were sitting at the ‘young people’ table (read: under 30, friends of bride/groom, maybe family that aren’t immediate family enough to go on the family table), and on either side of my sister and I were super loved up couples, which was hilarious and adorable for me (in a relationship) and annoying and excessive for her (single and loving it!). But I was pretty blown away watching my cousin, only a year older than me, so baby-faced and youthful, under the chuppah (Jewish wedding canopy) and rocking a huge wedding ring – he just looked so young! But he was also insanely happy and I know he’s a grown up, setlle-down type of guy.

So, it’s started. We went through the years where we all had our 18ths, then our 21sts, but now everytime I get invited to something it’s an engagement, and I already have more weddings coming up later this year and the start of next year. And it’s not going to stop until everyone is married and then we get to go to baby showers and then kids birthdays and I don’t know if I’m quite ready for it to happen but it already has…

As I write this, I am sitting in my bed, still in pajamas that consist of comfortable and not-quite-attractive-but-not-quite-horrendous trackie pants and a huge mustard jumper I got in an op-shop. Because I am in a long-distance relationship and no-one but me sleeps in my bed. And who knows when I’ll get engaged, and join this ever growing list of friends-who-are-getting-married, but right now I am happy that I have sexy new lingerie, I get to see my boyfriend in five days, and I can celebrate the joy and love of my friends and family.

More on my America trip soon. Happy Sunday!
S x


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