Hello, New York!

When it comes to being reunited with your partner, no matter where it is, it’s amazing.

That said, it’s a pretty sweet deal that my partner lives in New York City.

I have spent the last two weeks in an amazing love bubble, sleeping next to my love every night, waking up to his beautiful face, exploring St. Louis, New York and everything in between, eating meals together, and just soaking up each others incredible energy. The best part? We still have over a week left!

A huge highlight was seeing Us The Duo perform, and then meeting them after their set! To me, they are not only a huge musical inspiration but also a long-distance relationship inspiration. And I was stoked to find out that they are also complete sweethearts, amazingly talented at performing live, and totally down to earth. They also said they were totally in support of me and my partner, and it never hurts to have extra support!

I love being together because it completely confirms our relationship and why we are doing this. Every time we are together it is so right. But the best part is that it’s not a superficial, pretend fairytale, we discuss everything and have moments and things we have to work through, but we do it as a team and we always get through it. We have developed such a strong relationship in six months and I can’t wait to keep on building our lives together.

I get to meet my partner’s family later this week and I am so excited to see where he is from and the awesome people who raised him. I’ll be sure to update but for now I am going to keep floating in my love bubble!


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