New gadgets, countdowns, and why I always need FaceTime.

I’m going to put it out here once and for all.

FaceTime is WAAAAY better than Skype.

I’m sorry Skype. I’ve been loyal, and your services have been appreciated, but FaceTime has replaced you.

It’s funny, but I feel like because I’m in a long distance relationship, I’m also in a deep invested relationship with FaceTime. Well, really technology in general.

First, I went from someone who never really cared if my internet data was switched ‘on’ on my mobile phone, to being someone who had to have internet connected at all times. What if I missed an iMessage?! Or a WhatsApp message?! Heaven forbid! Then, I moved in to a new place with my friends where they DIDN’T HAVE WIFI. Um, WHAT?!?! Well, I had a temporary wifi modem within 24 hours, and we were connected with a brand new wifi plan in a matter of weeks. Because these aren’t luxuries anymore. If you’ve got a significant other who is far away from you, they are necessities.

I write this from a new MacBook, so I kind of feel like Hilary Duff’s character in The Perfect Man. And I’m also blogging about relationships…..achieving (teenage me) life goals here! The point is, my brain is wired now to think about keeping in contact with my love at all times. Since I recently found out I have to give my (work) phone back, I have started a mission to ensure I still have the technology to communicate via iMessage and FaceTime. Because at the end of the day, when you’re long distance, all the little messages, photos, and calls where you get to hear their voice, are what keeps you going!!

My other vice is countdowns. I LOVE them. I always have a countdown going for the next time we’re going to see each other, the trip after that, birthdays….there’s even some way more ridiculous ones than that! But there’s something so exciting and motivating when you can see the number getting smaller, and your love getting closer…the app I have even proudly proclaims, “IT’S TODAY!!” when your countdown is up. So awesome!!

I think that I would strongly recommend valuing communication and always making a big effort when you’re in a relationship. ANY relationship. Even if you’re in the same place, open and honest communication is the best thing you can do to build and sustain your relationship. And recognise your fun little vices that make you smile, and do them more!! It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, those silly rituals that put a smile on your face are so important. Does anyone else have a good one that makes them smile everyday?

Until next time, I’ll be here re-watching The Perfect Man and obsessively using Apple products. Much love!


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