How To Get Through Those Cold Winter Nights

So, I’m importing my boyfriend for winter.

Not kidding.

He has decided to spend his summer in Australian winter with me! In fairness, Melbourne winter won’t be half as bad as the New York one he just survived, but still, he’s pretty awesome.

It’s tough when the nights get cold and you don’t really want to remove yourself from under your doona. Interestingly enough, I wrote something on the subject almost exactly a year ago, on the 3rd of May, 2014, when I was single and bitter –

“There is nothing sexy about being single in winter.
Should have sorted a relationship in autumn, because by winter all you want to do is sit in bed in your comfiest, warmest pjs and drink herbal tea and watch weird shit on your laptop, not get all dressed up and go out in the freezing cold trying to pull.
In summer you’re pretty much ready to go whenever – you’re never wearing very much, all loose layers, shorts and tummy tops. In winter, if someone found their way to my skin, buried under five layers of clothing and a scarf (and my warmest, Hello Kitty covered socks) I would honestly give them a gold star before I jumped them. And your likelihood of getting some (or something good quality) rapidly decreases anytime the doona is moved too much and any part of my naked flesh gets exposed to the disgusting harshness that is the freezing cold of the rest of the room. Yes, I like sex. But seriously, I don’t want to freeze to death.”

Clearly I wasn’t getting much action.

But I do appreciate the struggle of winter. I am the sort of person who starts getting tired as soon as it’s dark outside, so by 6pm these days I’m pretty much ready to sleep. And how are you meant to get through that when your gorgeous partner is on the other side of the world?

Here’s some things I like to do;

  • Write a blog post!
  • Play some music, even write a song for your love
  • Read an uplifting book, or just one you really like
  • Make some super yummy food (something a little challenging!)
  • Get creative with the countdown and excited for the next time you can see your significant other
  • Depending on the time difference, make a fun message/poem/picture story that they can wake up to

And if all else fails, call it a night, and get a good night’s sleep – you’ll feel better in the morning when the sun is out!

Here’s to early nights until I have someone to sleep next to in 29 days!


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