Why I Love Uni

It’s been many years since I was at University, and since going back this year (and deciding to dive head first into a FOUR YEAR degree) I have one hundred percent reignited my love for learning.

I’ve always been a bit of a nerd.

Not in the sense that I didn’t have any social skills, or always had my nose in a book, but I am fortunate in the fact that when I put my mind to it, learning comes easily to me. And I have been working my butt off in this new undergrad, and really loving it.

So here’s my short ode to Uni, and our rediscovered mutual appreciation;

– Your job is to learn. 
Unlike working, when you’re a student, your one job is to learn. To read those books, listen to those lectures. There is no-one relying on you, the only person who will have repercussions is you. And that’s your full time responsibility! You don’t have to worry about business meetings, conference calls, or punching a time sheet – you just have to find that new knowledge and take it all in.

– Quiet time, peaceful spaces.
I started thinking about writing this post as I was sitting, cross-legged and comfy, on a couch in the library. I LOVE the library at Uni. It is quiet, it is a beautiful, welcoming space, there are awesome motivated people all sitting around and silently doing work – we are all there for a reason, we are all there coz we want to be. It’s incredible.

– It challenges me.
I’m not ever going to tell you that transitioning back to study has been super cruisy. But part of what I love about Uni, is exactly that. I threw myself out of my comfort zone and proved to myself that I can do this. And I continue to prove it to myself with every class, every test, every assignment. Like I often say, “it’s always good to be a little bit terrified!”. That means you’re out of your comfort zone. And that’s where you grow.

I’m sure this list will continue to grow, but I know that I made a great choice going back to study this year. Okay, I may not be eighteen and fresh out of high school, but I now have the life experience to know what I want to do with my life, and I am driven as anything to make it happen!


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