Domestic bliss.

There is something so amazing about coming home and discovering your boyfriend has cooked four different dishes (all of them delicious), and spent the day being an adorable ‘house husband’.

Having my love here to brighten up the cold winter is even more amazing than I thought it would be. And it is so nice to know that even when all we’re doing is lazing in bed and staying in our pajamas all day, we’re still so happy in each other’s company.

Even when it’s cold outside, there’s so much fun to be had in winter! Here’s a few fun things to do with your partner to keep you warm;

  1. Cook!
    Having adventures in the kitchen together is totally amazing. I’m also super fortunate that both me and my partner have an intense love of food!! Sharing what you love to eat with your partner, and cooking it together, is delicious and fun. And it helps you fuel up for activities you might want to do after…..
  2. Engage in some friendly competition
    My boyfriend loves bowling, so this weekend we went bowling together for the first time. Unfortunately for him, I totally kicked his butt!! Exploring hobbies together is so much fun, and it’s good for your relationship to be able to be competitive but keep it fun.
  3. Be lazy
    One of the challenging parts of being in a long-distance relationship is that when you are in the same place, you want to squish as many things in as you can. This usually means days jam-packed full of activities, late nights and very little sleep!! So in winter, or anytime when you have a more relaxed schedule, it’s always good to have a lazy day! Stay in, put a movie on, lay in bed, and snuggle! Let the guilt go, you deserve a day to just spoon and make out.
  4. Be tourists
    Sometimes, it’s super fun to let go of some pride and get into super-cheesy tourist mode. If you’re in a LDR, at least one of you doesn’t live in the city you’re in, so go explore! Walking tours, tourist attractions, and LOTS of photos are the order of the day.
  5. Go for a drive
    If there’s a little (or big!) road trip that you’ve been dreaming about, now’s the time. Not only is it super fun to make a playlist, get your snacks, and cruise down the highway, it’s a great relationship builder to figure out the driver/directions dynamic!!

Honestly, any time spent with my partner is time I am enjoying and grateful for. Even going to the gym and working out together is fun when he’s here – and the shared sweaty adrenaline rush is not to be ignored! The fact that we still have over a month together blows my mind!! Winter is not my favourite time of year by a long shot, but I am feeling very happy and blessed. Hope you are all enjoying winter – grab a snuggie and some soup and keep your chin up!!


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